Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's a boy!

We had our ultrasound to see how the baby is doing and found out it's a boy and that everything looks great so far. We are excited to have another little boy, and I am sure Andrew will love having a great playmate.

Vernal Temple

After Christmas we had the great opportunity to go to Vernal and visit the Temple there. It was a snowy drive but we made it just fine. The Temple was a Tabernacle that was converted to a Temple in 1997. It was beautiful inside and a wonderful experience. Isaac was born in Vernal and this is a picture in front of their home there.

New Found Joys

Andrew has found two extremely exciting new things to do....SHOVEL SNOW and CUT WITH SCISSORS!

Smith Family Christmas Party

We had a great time celebrating the holiday season with the Smith Family at Linda's house!

Matt recited the Cremation of Sam McGee. We always enjoy the tale.

Christmas Traditions

It has been fun to start Christmas traditions with my own family. At the beginning of December each year we are able to go to the Festival of Trees. This year we went along with Isaac's parents and brother Caleb. When we first arrived we stood in line to see Santa and then walked through most of the trees. I love to look at the trees and gingerbread houses, it is amazing to see the creative ways that people come up with to decorate the trees. I kept trying to take pictures of Andrew and everytime I would squat down to get at a more appropriate level to take them Andrew would squat just like mommy. It was so cute! We finished up at the festival by buying a little bit of homemade fudge and then went out to dinner. It was an enjoyable night!

Meeting Santa

Well, my hope for Andrew to like Santa this year fell through. As soon as we got to Santa, Andrew started screaming. He wouldn't get anywhere near his lap. When Santa gave him his treat he was a little bit happier...oh well...maybe next year!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas decorations and more...

I am really excited to take Andrew to the Festival of Trees tonight. We are hopeful that he will like Santa as much as he likes this Santa decoration. Last year we put him on Santa's lap and he proceded to freak out...we'll see how it goes.

Andrew was being quite the character after lunch today...he hasn't been feeling well for the last week so it was nice to see him acting a little more like himself. He has been cracking me up lately. I will ask him to show mom a big smile and this is usually what he gives me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great time in Rexburg for Thanksgiving this year. We don't often have the chance to get home to Idaho for the holidays with my work schedule. This year it all worked out that we could spend a few days there before I had to be back to work on Friday. We drove up on Tuesday and left Friday afternoon. I was supposed to work at 11 pm Friday night, but ended up getting cancelled....what a blessing. We had a great Thanksgiving meal with my parents and Tawna, Tassa, and Tawny. The turkey was made in the roaster oven and turned out moist and delicious. Andrew helped grandpa with making pies on Wednesday (I think he just ate the bananas while grandpa worked). It was such nice weather that we played outside a little. Andrew wanted to ride the scooter but wouldn't do it with grandpa until after Tawny had taken him out first. He loved it! I love this time of year and the opportunity to reflect on our blessings!