Sunday, March 29, 2009

Andrew loved having his cousins and aunt and uncle at our house this week. He was pretty excited about having a baby in the house and any time he could he would try to hold him or play with him. It was fun to watch him with the baby. It is always nice to have more people to play with! Thanks for coming to visit Ryker and Michelle, Tory and Elizabeth!

My Big Boy Bed!

We set up Andrew's new bed just before his 2nd Birthday and boy did he love it. He wanted to play in it all the time and would constantly say "up" so we would lift him to the top bunk. We weren't quite ready for him to sleep in it so we kept putting him in the crib to sleep. One night he decided he was ready for his bed and marched right in when we said it was bedtime and knelt down to say prayers by the bunk bed. We said prayers and gave him some toys to play with and said good night. We left the room with no thought that he would stay and didn't hear anything from him after that. This is what we found when we went back to check on him and he hasn't been back in his crib since. What a big boy!