Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I love my toys!

It has been so fun to see Andrew grow and learn to love playing with his toys. I think his showing of affection lately has become biting the toys and sometimes us. He loves to dance to the music from his toy dog and it is really funny to watch him get into it. Here is a little clip of him playing.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

One Happy Boy!

I left to go weigh in at Weight Watchers on Thursday night at the time I would normally go to work and left Andrew with Isaac. I was only gone for about an hour but when I got home Andrew was just thrilled. He was more hyper than I have ever seen him. I asked Isaac what he had fed him because he was so excited. I don't think sugar free jello could have caused it so I attributed it to me being home when he thought I was gone for the night. (Maybe I am just making myself feel good). Here is a picture of him after rolling all over the floor.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Andrew's Fifth Haircut

Andrew was born with a full head of hair. We love it and it has been hard for me to cut it, or to have it cut. I have learned that it definitely grows back after it has been cut. Since Andrew frequently has a snarled bedhead in the mornings it was time for another cut. I took him to see Brenda, my hairdresser. She gave him a sucker and off she went trimming his hair. He did a great job sitting on my lap and eating his sucker. He finished his first sucker and had to start on another sucker before we left. Of course, he looks cute with his long hair or his shorter hair.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rexburg Temple Trip

We had a great time going to Rexburg to see the temple open house. It is an absolutely beautiful building! When we drove in on Friday night the temple looked amazing all lit up on the hill, but by Saturday morning the fog had rolled in: the temple was not visible at all as we drove up to it. When we finished the tour, we still wanted a few pictures and the temple was just barely visible in the background. I loved having Andrew with us in the temple. He did a great job going through the tour. It was wonderful to be able to look at our little family in the mirrors in the sealing room. I loved the stained glass, the endowment room walls, and the chandeliers. Isaac's family drove up with us and it was nice to be able to be with his family on this quick trip to Rexburg. After the open house, we drove around Rexburg and I gave them a quick tour of my childhood town. Toby, Tammy, Tim, Kayla, Maezlie, Tara, Greg and the kids all had tickets to the open house as well. It was so fun to be able to spend some time with my family and just be able to relax. It stayed foggy the whole time we were in Rexburg so I didn't get any great pictures of the temple.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Splish Splash

Andrew loves taking a bath every day. He has a few toys that he loves to play with in the bathtub including rubber duckies, a raft with holes in the bottom of it and Piglet that sits in it, and a stuffed Winnie the Pooh with a life jacket on. Sometimes he refuses to let go of the toys he is playing with before getting in the tub. One of those toys happens to be the spatula which he will try to twist the raft on top of. He is an extremely creative little boy and can entertain himself with the simplest of toys. I love his hair with the shampoo in it. It is so fun to play with and get it to stand on top of his head.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Cutest Boy!

Santa's Sleigh

We drove up to visit Tawna and to see Grandma and Grandpa Thornton on Sunday before Christmas. Andrew was a little bit sick so we didn't want to expose all of the other kids to him when they met on Christmas Eve. It was a fun drive up to Brigham City, but the real fun started when Grandpa and Grandma arrived with a sleigh full of presents. It is always fun to see what great things they buy for everyone for Christmas.

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas morning. We actually slept in until almost 9am and were shocked that Andrew slept that long. It took a long time to open presents, but it was fun. We missed having the whole family around to enjoy the holiday with.
Andrew loved playing with the boxes and bows.
His most exciting present was not his at all. He loves oranges and retrieved this one from dad's stocking. He decided he didn't like it as much when he bit right into it with the peel still on.

Going to visit Granny and Grandpa Jewkes was a treat after we opened all of our presents at home. Andrew got a fun Tonka truck to ride on or walk behind when he gets bigger.
Grandma and Grandpa Thornton gave Andrew lots of presents, but I think he loved this wagon the best. He sat strapped in the wagon for a long time after daddy put it together. He justed kicked his feet up on the other seat and started lounging after a while.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Christmas New York Minute

Isaac had to go to New York for a meeting for work and I was lucky enough to have the time off of my work to go with him. I was so excited to go since I have never been to downtown New York, especially at Christmastime. We left at midnight on December 18 and came home in the afternoon of December 20. It was a whirlwind trip since Isaac worked on the 18th, we went downtown on the 19th, and flew home on the 20th. We were sad to leave Andrew, but his Aunt's Emily and Eliza took good care of him while we were gone.

Sitting on the double decker bus for a tour of downtown.

Posing in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

Wow, kissing in public!
The windows and stores were beautifully decorated-this was outside of Sach's 5th Ave.

The Empire State building is in the background in this photo.

We rode the elevator up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building. It was raining on the ground before we went up and snowing and cold and swaying on top. It was fun to look down to Rockefeller Center and see the ice skaters, and to see the other beautiful buildings and sites from above. We didn't stay out long, but I did look over the edge once or twice.

Winter Wonderland

I drove home from work on a Saturday morning after it snowed all night long. The snow plows had come through and piled the snow so high that I didn't dare go into our garage without having Isaac shovel. It was fun to see so much snow because it reminded me of winters in Rexburg, Idaho as I grew up. Andrew was just waking up as I got home and so we brought him outside to see how amazing the world looks clean and white! He held his hands out to catch some of the snowflakes.

Fall Leaves

Andrew was a little leary of the crisp fall leaves in our yard at first, but then he got excited and started throwing them in the air. We love these pictures!

Our First Blog

This has been an exciting start of a new journey in my computer knowledge! Thank goodness for Isaac who knows how to use the computer much better than I do!