Friday, June 26, 2009

Cute kids!

We had a fun little photo shoot the other day when Britton woke up. He was happy and looking everywhere so we wanted to get a good picture of the boys together. Thanks to Aunt Emily and Uncle Jacob on binky patrol, we were able to get a couple of fun pictures.

Britton's room

I love how Britton's room turned out. The safari theme seems quite popular for little boys clothes and rooms lately and I have always loved giraffes so I fell for this bedding. I finally got the vinyl lettering up on the wall so here is the final result and the cute little guy in his crib.

A rare moment

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Andrew's little friend

Andrew loves Britton. He calls him beebee, long for baby! This morning I was feeding Britton and Andrew took his hat off of his head and put it on the baby. He then put on daddy's hat that is the same as his. I had to get a picture of them together because it was so cute. Andrew loves to hold him even if it is for just a second. He loves to give him kisses and to pat his head. He has decided his job is to help burp the baby and I let him do so with a reminder that he has to be soft.

2 weeks old!

The time seems to fly by without noticing and without any sleep! I can't believe Britton is 2 weeks old already. We had his appointment with the pediatrician who called him "STUDLY". He weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and he looks great. We sure think he is a stud...and really adorable at the same time. He is a great baby. He eats, has manly burps when we can get them out, and sleeps...Oh what a good boy!

the best bibs

I was having a hard time keeping Andrew's clothes clean when he eats with the bibs that you can buy in stores. My mother-in-law had a bib she used that was a hand towel that would velcro onto cupboards or the fridge so I decided to make some of my are the results...I love them! As long as I can keep them on my silly boy they do a great job!