Monday, June 30, 2008

Road Trip to North Dakota

We went on a Road Trip to North Dakota to visit great grandma and grandpa Heller and to celebrate Grandpa's 80th birthday. We had a great time. The road trip seems to take forever but it is always fun to go with grandma and grandpa Thornton. Andrew did a great job sitting in his carseat the whole way. Tim, Kayla, and Maezlie carpooled with us and Tawna, Tassa, Tawny, Daniel, and Rachel met up with us on Friday. We stayed in several different hotels and enjoyed eating out, swimming, and pointing out wildlife along the way. Luckily we had a DVD player so Andrew could watch Baby Einstein videos to keep him entertained. When we arrived in Williston there was setting up to do for the party and finishing up some of the decorating before the big day. Most of mom's siblings had come to support grandpa. Lot's of our cousins were there as well. Grandpa and Grandma's family and friends all showed up. What a great turn out and a fun time we had! Here are some of the highlights!

Grandpa's Birthday Hat!

Andrew loves to stare at people's faces...especially pretty girls!
Grandpa Thornton found a ticklish spot...under Andrew's chin!
Me, Andrew, Andrew Heller, Tina Heller, Brandon and Tisa, Tim

One totally exhausted little boy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family Pictures

Last week we had family pictures taken by a friend. It was a windy and sunny day and Andrew wasn't the most cooperative little guy, but we got a few good shots. It has been a year since we did a family picture so we thought it would be fun to have an updated one. Andrew has changed so much since then. We had the pictures taken at Murray Park.