Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us!

After we went to the zoo, we came home and let Andrew take a nap before we went to Isaac's parents house for a party. We had dinner, cake and ice cream, and opened presents. It was fun to share our day with some of both of our families. Isaac's dad made us a giraffe cake and we floated the cake as is tradition in his family. The day went by so fast, but we couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

Hogle Zoo

In seeing the Ghost of the Bayou, the rare white alligator.
Too bad we didn't get to see his eyes...legend has it that if you gaze into his blue eyes you will be blessed with good luck for the coming year.
We love the baby giraffe!

The elephant exhibit was great!
Isaac and I were born on the same day, just 5 years apart. We love to celebrate each year together. This year we decided to take Andrew to the Hogle Zoo for his first time ever for our birthday. It was a busy and very hot day, but we had a lot of fun. Andrew enjoyed all of the animals. We bought him a hat so that he didn't get burned and lathered him with sunscreen. He looked like a little safari hunter.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tyler's blessing

It was nice to be able to get together with the family on Tyler's blessing day. He is such a sweet baby and did a great job with so many people around. We love this cute little guy!

I'm a big boy!

Andrew has started becoming so independent. He will not eat if we are feeding him most of the time so I have to give him bites to eat. Well, we have never let him eat corn off of the cob before so when he started begging for it I gave it to him. (I hadn't cut off all of the corn). He loved it and started eating just like he should. He did such a great job until he started eating the end of it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Taylorsville Dayzz

We had a great time this year at Taylorsville Dayzz. It is always enjoyable to go to the park and have dinner and enjoy free entertainment with Isaac's family. Some of my family came this year as well. Imagine, a Beattles band, came on Friday night and we enjoyed the music. Andrew freaked out at the fireworks so he and Isaac left once they started. Saturday was the parade and Andrew had a hard time there as well. We made it through about half of the Jay White performance on Saturday night. He is a Neil Diamond tribute singer and very fun, but Andrew again was done pretty quickly. Saturday night fireworks are always amazing so I hope Andrew will be able to enjoy them next year. Here are some pictures from the event.